Are Trigger Point Injections Right for You?

by Sarah M. Williams, MSN-CNP

A trigger point is a contracted knot in the muscle that causes tightness and pain and is caused by stress or injury.

Trigger points cause joint compression, reduce movement, and restrict blood flow leading to pain and wear and tear of the joints.

Trigger point injections involve insertion of a local anesthetic, such as Lidocaine, to temporarily numb and relax the muscle sites in order to alleviate pain. The injections can be done by a physician or practitioner. 

Many patients experience relief from pain during the first treatment and for others, several treatments are needed. Injections are not typically used for chronic pain issues, instead, for those with acute pain since they provide temporary relief as with any other medication. 

If trigger point injections are not right for you, there are many other therapies and treatments that can work!

Please contact our office to determine if this treatment is a possible solution for your injury or pain.