2017 TaeKwonDo Championships Chiropractic Care

TaeKwonDo is a Korean Martial Art that requires unbelievable skill and the mastery of kicking, punching and being able to counter attacks.

In order to do so and in order to distinguish yourself as one of the best you must be able to control a number of movements.

It was great to work with so many disciplines (MD, PT, athletic trainer) and provide such a comprehensive care package for the athlete. Chiropractors should look to be the authority of musculoskeletal treatment and seek to be the presence court/field/mat side of any sporting contest but should not miss the significance of working with other providers to provide the best care.
— Dr. Eric Wolk

Functional movements are integral and having proper mobility in ones hips and mid spine along with shoulder, core and lower extremity is the best equation for success.

Recently, Dr. Eric Wolk of Allied Health and Chiropractic tended to the chiropractic needs of athletes at this national event.

While at Nationals, Dr. Wolk was able to see some of the processes that these elite athletes go through to prepare themselves for competition.

Everything from chiropractic adjusting for mobility restrictions along with stability exercises to athletic taping for proprioception assistance, the athlete does not take any short cuts preparing themselves.

Regardless of any presentation or skill these athletes had thoracic spine restrictions. In a "forward" sport it's very easy to fall forward and carry oneself in a "hunched over" manor.

Although most of the athletes' power comes from the lower extremity it is imperative that the thoracic spine can extend freely and that the thoracic cage (ribs) can also extend.

This allows for the athlete to kicker higher and avoid compensation injuries in the lower extremities or low back.

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