Looking for an Attorney for a Workers' Comp Claim? We Can Help.

How do I find and attorney who is familiar with the Worker's Compensation system?

We get this question this all the time. Whether or not you need an attorney is a complicated question.

Often times, the answer is yes, it is in your best interest. Based on the extent of your injuries and your individual employment and health care needs, we at AHC can help advise you on the pros and cons to getting legal representation.

We can refer you to several qualified attorneys in the area that specialize in Workers' Compensation Claims and who have assisted our patients in the past.

The doctors at AHC can help fill out any forms related to your injury (C-9s, C-84s, C-23s, C-92s, Medco-14s,etc) and are happy to work with your employers and doctors to make sure you receive the most appropriate care.Our goal is to successfully treat your injury and get you back to work as safely and quickly as possible. We are happy to work with your attorney or help you find a suitable attorney if you need one.

If you have any questions about getting treatment with a BWC claim or whether or not you qualify, feel free to call us at 216-685-9975.