5 Reasons Physical Therapy is Great for Runners

Most runners can count on an injury at some point in their careers.

Most veteran runners that we've worked with have sustained injuries for years, even decades, and typically find ways to overcompensate their injury with an improper gait (running form).

This overcompensation creates an imbalance in the gait, thus making the runner more susceptible to even more injuries. 

So should you stop running?

Absolutely not. However, we recommend that runners consider the benefits of Physical Therapy (PT) before proceeding with a running routine that may be leading them to inevitable injury:

  1. Builds up muscle around injured area – Stretching and strength training that targets the affected area is the best way to mend and prevent future injuries.
  2. Treatment for everyone – Each runner and injury is unique, working with a physical therapist will allow you to identify the specific issue and develop a customized and sustainable treatment plan.
  3. PT Exhausts all options before surgery - Many times an injury can call for surgery, but physical therapy provides an alternate method of treatment that may keep runners from having to go "under the knife."
  4. Restores range of motion – Stretching and strength training exercises give range and mobility to the body, which is a great step toward preventing future injuries. 
  5. Accessible Maintenance - Runners that have been through PT are advised to continue their treatment plan, which consist of stretching and strengthening exercises using stability balls, resistance bands, and bodyweight exercises. All of these exercises can be performed just about anywhere.

If you are a runner and experiencing any discomfort during your run, please note that this may be an early sign of a crippling injury waiting to emerge. Contact the professionals at Allied Health and Chiropractic so we can address your needs and keep you on the trail.